BuzzFeed Cooking Video

Best Friends Cook Chinese And Jewish Food For Each Other

Our Challenge: Create an entertaining, personable, and informative video that incorporates our cultural backgrounds while on a tight schedule and budget.
Aaron, my friend in the thumbnail, and I wanted to make a video that would introduce our friendship to the BuzzFeed audience while presenting our cultural identities. We asked our parents for our favorite childhood dishes and pivoted our video concept around cooking for each other. The video arc consists of buying the ingredients, cooking and telling stories about our childhood, and eating the final dishes together.
We worked out a logistics to shoot everything in 2 days while adhering to budget constraints. As technical and logistical problems arose during production, we had to troubleshoot and constantly adapt to changing circumstances. It was challenging, but we bonded through recreating our favorite childhood dishes and got to showcase our heritage in the video. It currently has 500k+ views on BuzzFeed.