Lil Buck

Creating a Show Poster


My Challenge: Create a poster that captures Lil Buck’s imaginative and sublime style of dancing.

I had the opportunity to see Lil Buck in person during my junior year of college. I bought a ticket on a whim, unsure of what to expect. I was completely blown away. Jookin’ is an urban street style that originated in Memphis, Tennessee. Lil Buck combines this style with classical music – an unexpected combination that is marvelous to witness. Below is him dancing to Yo-Yo Ma’s cello.

I knew I had to create a poster honoring him and his inspirational work. When I watch him dance, it’s as if the music is vibrating from his body… he’s not merely listening to the music, he’s IS the music. A jookin’ embodiment. The music notes are pouring out of his body and creating the Yo-Yo Ma Cello that gained him mainstream notoriety. For his name, I used a font that was whimsical, yet strong and bold, and further edited it. For the background I used a textured white/gray background that resembles crinkled paper of a well-loved music sheet.